OpenGL (C++), ChucK. 2018

What is it?

Milmul is a music visualizer written in C++ and OpenGL. It uses RtAudio to read the audio buffer, which is then analyzed after going through Fast Fourier Transform. The frequency domain manifests itself as a vast blue horizon.

Some see waves, some see glaciers, some see an abstract object. Regardless of what is seen, the texture of the current sound reveals itself. And it flows and gushes without looking back, as fleeting in time as music is to us. 

Sometimes, red lines strike across the sky… waking you up from the daze of the ever-flowing current with a jolt.

Audiovisual Narrative

While the visualizer can take in any audio input, there is also a ‘narrative’ mode. A procedural audio track was written with ChucK to go along with the visualizer, resulting in a full audiovisual narrative. 

It embodies what used to be a recurring state of mind during a certain period of my life. Summer 2017. Los Angeles, long walks, a full year of hiatus ahead. The prominent sine wave tune can only hint at what it was.


The piercing lines are triggered if the sound is sibilant. 

The vibrating object hidden in the sub-dimension represents the time domain signal.

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